•             The ecommerce market in China is growing astronomically.  It is expected that by 2014, the ecommerce market will be worth more than $175 billion.  At this time consumer-to-consumer business is still the biggest market segment in the ecommerce market.  However, the business-to-consumer market is growing rapidly and if the trend continues, is expected to surpass the C2C segment by 2015.  Logistics will prove to be greatest obstacle to that growth as domestic express delivery is lagging behind the growth of ecommerce.  This is due mainly to the difficulties ...Read More »

  • Whenever there’s an exchange of services, products or goods amongst countries, global trading happens. This type of a business could be both detrimental and beneficial to countries. Possessing this competitive edge within the global marketplace will entail companies boosting their revenues as they simultaneously reduce their costs. The most popular method by which businesses decrease costs is via the decrease of labor costs by firing unnecessary employees and workers. We’ll go within the specifics of the cons and pros: Pros As mentioned in the introduction, businesses could boost their revenues via global ...Read More »

  • China has the potential to be the largest market for pretty much all things and e-commerce isn’t any exception. E-commerce is growing, opening opportunities for businesses if they pay attention to the rapidly evolving market. Within the year 2011, China’s e-commerce sales grand totaled over RMB 460 billion, with expectations that it’ll triple to RMB 1.5 trillion within the following 3 years. By then, China might overtake the United States as the globe’s biggest e-commerce marketplace—with Internet sales expanding to represent seven percent of all retail sales. According to one recent ...Read More »

  • 1. Roundtable meeting (medium sized meetings) Attendance is by invitation only and will be limited to 100 ~200 individuals There are 6 FTF Roundtable meetings in 2012 and will hold one every 2 months in one of below 8 places: • Nanjing Jiangsu Province: 2012-02-11 to 2012-02-12 Topic: Supply Chain training and communication of international retailers in e-commerce • Yiwu Zhejiang Province: 2012-03-10 to 2012-03-11 Topic : Talents and training of foreign trade e-commerce and foreign trade e-commerce entrepreneurs development of Tianjin • Tianjin: 2012-05-12 to 2012-05-13 Topic:The e-commerce development of Zhejiang Yiwu Small Commodities and a ...Read More »

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