Entrepreneurs Experiential Training

  • Date: Feb 11-12, 2012
  • Place: Nanjing Wolong Lake Club
  • Attendees: TBD
  • Sponsored by: It could be you! Contact us

Team is growing up, but the management could not keep up with? Older employees complained and new employees have nothing to do? Have no channels to transmit corporate culture?

Entrepreneurs’ experiential training will be held from February 11th to 12th at Nanjing Wolong Lake Club. This is the first training held by Foreign Trade Federation in 2012.

Training lecturer: CEO of Ruiyi Website Li Peng, focus on the experiential training of foreign trade ecommerce .

Participant’s condition:

1) With annual sales of more than RMB 5 million

2) Have independent foreign trade B2C Web site, team size of 20 or more

3) CEO( each SEO can take one senior operation director ).

4) For specific training schedule and training fees , please check Heromeetshero’s Chinese official website : www.hiwto.com or Weibo @海贸会

Notice: No limitation in gender

If you meet the above target requirements, welcome to call us to consult and register.

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