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The ecommerce market in China is growing astronomically.  It is expected that by 2014, the ecommerce market will be worth more than $175 billion.  At this time consumer-to-consumer business is still the biggest market segment in the ecommerce market.  However, the business-to-consumer market is growing rapidly and if the trend continues, is expected to surpass the C2C segment by 2015.  Logistics will prove to be greatest obstacle to that growth as domestic express delivery is lagging behind the growth of ecommerce.  This is due mainly to the difficulties in reaching China’s vast population over such a widespread geographic area.  Geographic growth in online shopping is vital to continued success.   The concentration of growth has been mainly in the coastal cities, with Shanghai being the largest consumer market.  This will evolve as wealth continues to flow into inland cities and ecommerce business will need to be prepared to handle the logistics of such growth.


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