1. Roundtable meeting (medium sized meetings)

Attendance is by invitation only and will be limited to 100 ~200 individuals

There are 6 FTF Roundtable meetings in 2012 and will hold one every 2 months in one of below 8 places:

Nanjing Jiangsu Province: 2012-02-11 to 2012-02-12
Topic: Supply Chain training and communication of international retailers in e-commerce

Yiwu Zhejiang Province: 2012-03-10 to 2012-03-11
Topic : Talents and training of foreign trade e-commerce and foreign trade e-commerce entrepreneurs development of Tianjin

Tianjin: 2012-05-12 to 2012-05-13
Topic:The e-commerce development of Zhejiang Yiwu Small Commodities and a tour of the markets

Beijing : 2012-07-14 to 2012-07-15
Topic: How to cooperate with foreign trade platforms companies to make a win-win business?

Chongqing : 2012-09-15 to 2012-09-16
Topic: See a gallery of DinoDirect’s hits and misses.

Fuzhou Fujian Province, 2012-11-10~11
Topic: How to build a Website brand?



• 2. Annual Meeting

One annual meeting one year, 2012 FTF annual meeting will be held from Oct. 20th to Oct. 21st
Shenzhen: 2012-10-20 to 2012-10-21
Topic:FTF 2nd Annual Meeting
Membership is by invitation only and will be limited to about 1000 individuals



3 “Business Life” (small salon seminars)
“Business Life” will be held in every two weeks and there 25 such meetings in 2012.
Topics and places are different.
Membership is by invitation only and will be limited to about 10 to 50 individuals.


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