ecommerceRead here to find the specific elements which are needed to develop an e-Commerce site. It’ll talk about what the elements are, and what they’ll do.

1. Decide a good company name for your e-Commerce shop then buy a domain name for the store’s name. This name ought to possess a keyword which individuals might utilize to locate your services and/or products.

2. Sign up with a reputable web hosting company. It ought to possess a minimum of a single SQL database, and could perform server side scripting, like PHP, SHTML, and/or CGI scripting, as well as at the minimum of 300Mb of space.

3. Utilize a solid shopping cart. This shopping cart must do these:

Permit several simultaneous users

Keep running total of costs

Finalize order

4. Develop a solid database which:

Keeps customer information

Develops customer personalization

Keeps product information

Holds shopping cart information

Integrates with additional systems

5. Accept credit cards -Yes, you could run an e-Commerce company by utilizing fax, and/or requiring individuals to send in your checks, yet you’ll be leaving a ton of cash on the table if your business doesn’t accept credit cards within one form or the other.

6. Utilize a secure socket layer – Secure socket layers encrypt the information between the client’s computer and your server. It’ll keep prying eyes from sneaking a glance at sensitive information, like credit card data.

7. Utilize a payment gateway – Payment gateways collect the credit card data and sales data and perform a sort of fundamental fraud check to be certain the credit card is not stolen, and so on. It’ll charge the client’s credit card then deposit the cash inside your account.

8. Get a merchant account –Merchant accounts allow your company to charge sales to the credit cards.

9. Obtain a different business account- You’ll require an account which accepts the deposits for credit card charges.


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